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Learn how Athenian is used across different levels of an engineering organization

You are a: VP of Engineering, CTO

You create and guide strategic initiatives, and could use a companion for your intuition. Especially if it sees, measures, and quantifies what you can’t.

Athenian is the command center overviewing the direction of engineering organization, breaking down complex high-level metrics across each stage. Plan and prioritize your next moves, and double down on what you’re doing well.
Key Use Cases:

Decrease Lead Time

across products and teams by understanding where to restructure organizational processes, such as what CI/CD tools are best.

Increase Release Frequency

using data-backed insights to improve organizational culture, by highlighting the effects of Lead Time over topics such as Pull Request Size.

Decrease Mean Time To Restore

by keeping engineers focused on fixing bugs, and not worrying about how long it takes to merge and release them into production.

You are a: Director of Engineering, Engineering Manager

Keeping the right people on the right epics requires a high level of project oversight, and better decisions start with more information.

Athenian gives you full transparency into your code development. Improve velocity and quality by learning how individual projects, teams, and people ship code. And fix bottlenecks before they appear with foresight into how code moves along the software delivery pipeline. 
Key Use Cases:

Decrease Pull Request Cycle Time

by optimizing daily organizational processes related to velocity, such as how code reviews are done.

Optimize Work Distribution

with a better understanding of the quality outcomes of working on new features vs bug fixes vs tech debt.

Solve Bugs In Production faster

by knowing where to invest your time based on the lead times for different priority levels.

You are a: Software Team Lead

Overview how features and fixes move across stages, and find exactly which Pull Requests keep your team from moving forward. Discover the technicalities of where you are spending unnecessary time, and encourage engineers by showing how your team keeps improving on lead time. In the end, the software is in your hands.
Key Use Cases:

Discover Cycle Time Distributions

across each of the software delivery stages, and pinpoint how much time you are spending writing code versus getting it in production.

1:1 Bugs Raised to Fixed

with full transparency into all bugs in production, learning how priority level affects Mean Time To Restore.

See the PRs In Progress per developer

to make sure your team isn’t spread too thin.

Decrease Pull Request Size

by seeing breakdowns across features and developers. Make sure code get reviewed and shipped faster, with less bugs.

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