Data-Enabled Engineering

Introducing the world to software engineering insights that help teams improve

Learn how fast you ship software, and what your bottlenecks are

Athenian tells you more than just the number of deploys, issues, or pull requests your teams are completing.

We provide end-to-end visibility on your engineering processes, so you can identify areas of improvement, discover trends, and make better decisions with data.

Discover the quality of your processes by how you respond to bugs

Our product gives insights into your whole bug funnel across teams, products, issues, and more.
Learn best practices from our team of Data-Enablers, and accelerate the growth of your engineering organization as an elite-performer.

Understand where you're investing your effort

Better strategic decisions with in-depth insights into how time and resources are invested across areas such as fixing bugs and clearing tech debt.

By following epics and issues from ticket creation to deployment in production, we're giving you end-to-end visibility across your whole software development lifecycle.

Building End-To-End Visibility For Engineering Leaders

Hiring sales!

Jason Warner, former GitHub CTO, loves DEE

Live conversations with Jason Warner

Jason and Eiso, founder of Athenian, host a podcast about Engineering Leadership. 

A Big Believer In Data-Enabled Engineering

Ex-VP of Engineering at Heroku and software pioneer, Jason is a close friend and day 1 supporter of Athenian.

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