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Pinpoint Velocity & Quality Metrics

Understand how to improve the speed and direction of developing software, without compromising your standards. Learn best practices from our knowledge base, and accelerate the growth of engineering with measurable objectives.

  • Broken down into five core stages, from Planning to Release
  • In-depth analysis of actionable key metrics, considering complexities like edge cases

Full Transparency

A Dashboard That Understands Engineering

We believe engineering metrics should accompany your intuition, not replace it. Transparency into your teams and products, so you can make and act out the best decisions across every component of software delivery.

  • Engaging and actionable insights for different seniority levels: VPs, Managers, and Leads alike
  • High-Level Metrics such as Cycle Time backed by Low-Level Insights

Decrease Overhead

Built For Smart Power Users

Whether it be smart filtering or full access to our API, we go one step further to making sure that our product fits and betters your workflow. Built by engineers, for engineers.

  • Break down cumulative metrics, and learn how specific epics and PRs affect different stages of velocity
  • Intricate insights such as how different PR sizes affect lead time, brought together in a beautiful UI


Map & Share Real Value

Guide empowering conversations about engineering with meaningful insights. And improve cross-department collaboration with actual data on the value and health of projects.

  • Add an extra layer of insight to discussions, so all parties speak the same language
  • Report clearly to Business on topics like Lead Time for criteria-based features

Insights Tailored To All Engineering Leaders

Athenian's dashboard provides insight into the engineering org across 3 seniority levels, aligning heads and streamlining how decisions are made.

VPs & CTOs

Guide your engineering org in the right direction with a foresight based on objective data.

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Directors & Engineering Managers

Have a deeper, actionable understanding of the process improvements that boost velocity and quality.

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Team Leads

Improve collaboration, and get the best out of everyone by quickly finding bottlenecks.

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It is not enough to take a snapshot in time… you need to understand what happens on a weekly basis.

Paul Poppert

Head of Engineering at Faire

How A Metrics-Driven Culture Makes Great Engineering Leaders, by Athenian, Faire & Google

by Athenian, Faire & Google

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